Barrett de Busk


“I just like to make stuff”

DeBusk has been creating art for over 30 years.  
What began as an attempt to pass a drawing class using steel instead of pencil and paper
has become a long and celebrated career that spans the globe.  
DeBusk has entertained dignitaries at the American Ambassadors home in Amsterdam,
enjoyed successful gallery exhibitions from St. Louis to Tokyo and all points in between.  
His artwork has been treasured in the White House, on the big screen, 
in museums and public displays and, most importantly, in homes around the world.  

By telling his stories in his narrative wall sculptures, 
he tells us OUR stories – from love and romance to smoky evenings in a jazz cafe, 
the world of DeBusk belongs to all of us.

Texas born artist Barrett DeBusk has been creating and showing art since his college days at North Texas State University, where he earned both earned both his BFA and MFA degrees. DeBusk’s satirical look at life combined with his natural ability to create has given form to his collection of sculptures that began in the early 90’s when he began creating contemporary wall sculptures and furniture. These inky line drawings, made of welded steel and painted black have been shown worldwide. DeBusk uncomplicated illustration of subjects emphasize his innovative use of materials and a remarkable ability to capture a mood with simple lines. “It’s my way of drawing. I use torch and steel instead of pencil and paper.” The shadows produced by these wall hangings add a dramatic feel to every piece.

“Subjects for these pieces are taken from my life,” says Debusk. “Other artist put themselves into their work, I put others into mine.” Affirming Barrett’s talent of expressing humor is a list of clients that includes Michael Jordan, Tara Lipinski, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Boosler and Norman Lear. His sculptures have shared the big screen with Steve Martin in the movie Housesitter, and Low Down Dirty Shame and are also included on the sets of several television shows. Debusk’s works are part of many collections throughout the world from restaurants in the south of France, a children’s hospital in Chicago, Hilton Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines, the Miniatuur Museum in Amsterdam, the American Embassy in Africa and countless other locations including England, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the United States. A DeBusk angle adorned the Blue Room Christmas tree in 1993 and is in the permanent White House collection.

The medium in DeBusk’s art is simple and fun.  The pieces are made one at a time, as requested, at the artist’s studio in Texas. Each piece is created from cold rolled, hand bent steel rod that is welded together and put on “legs” that display it off of a wall for a shadow effect. Each piece is powder coated for indoor or outdoor viewing, making them extremely easy to care for and enjoy. Every piece is individually stamped and numbered as part of a small edition, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

His work has been featured in Art in America, Art News, American Style, Niche, Art Business news and the guild. DeBusk has exhibited at Art Expo in New York City, Art Americas in Miami, The Buyers Market of Contemporary Craft, Maison&Object in Paris and the American Craft Council. DeBusk outdoor works have been displayed at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, The World Soccer Games in Dallas, Carnival Cruise Lines, The University of Alabama, the City of Palm Desert, the City of Dallas and various other sites and events.

DeBusk’s creative evolution is apparent in his growing scope of designs. Scenes of musicians, jazz clubs, dancers, city streets, old theaters, lovers kissing and children playing tell a story for everyone. Along with his ability to relate to people, is innate skill of satire, irony and love of life have enabled him to produce art that is easily recognizable and distinctly DeBusk.

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