Black Coral Tide - Men's Soy Candle


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Scent notes: marine | amber | musk

From our men's line, mysterious and deep, black coral tide touches on sweet, musky notes that are reminiscent of high end colognes. Harnessing that “clean” scent it might as well have the naturally self-cleansing properties of the ocean.

Geotanical soy candles are made from soybean oil sourced from the usa. Paired with a cotton wick, they’ve got a clean, slow burn that doesn’t compromise the air quality like a paraffin wax candle. With subtle, yet sophisticated scent profiles, they’re easily enjoyable for daily use.

Great father's day & graduation gift!

Ingredients: 100% u.s. Grown soybean wax, cotton core wicks, usa-made glass and lids, essential oil-infused fragrance oils.

9 oz



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