Car Fresheners - Coconut Sandalwood


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Lime | papaya blossom | cedar

Summer has arrived! This coconut base is sweet and creamy, while the lime and papaya blossom notes are equally wild and fresh. Finished with a hint of cedar, coconut sandalwood is distinctly smooth and grounded.

Take your favorite b|t scent on the road with you wherever you go! Great for hanging on the rear-view mirror and in other small spaces.

Duration: 3-6 weeks based on use and environmental factors. Avoiding high automobile interior temperatures as well as prolonged open window time can greatly increase longevity.

Instructions: while designed for cars, our fresheners are suitable for any small space including closets & bathrooms. Allow freshener to hang freely. To control fragrance cut along the top of plastic bag and expose a small portion of the freshener. Expose more of the freshener as needed. Neither seller nor manufacturer is responsible for misuse.

ingredients: paper board, fine fragrance oils.



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