History Of Motorcycles


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This plaque is brand new! My reasoning behind the name? I've been an avid motorcyclist since age 15, and currently own a gnarly Buell and refined BMW motorcycle. As you know, these are complete opposites. Since every rider is in love with his/her particular motorcycle, there tends to be quite a rivalry between people with cruisers, crotch rockets, tourers, off road and everything in between! Throw in country of origin or manufacturer and there will be many emotional opinions about who makes the best bikes. So, my goal was to capture something every rider could agree on, the pure thrill of charging down a road on two wheels, without offending anyone's bike of choice. History of Motorcycles is the essence of riding. To me, it captures the spirit of the sport. Now there is something to finally agree on; we all share the same history of motorcycles and the love of riding!!! - George

Made in U.S.A.
7.50 x 5.25 x 3.50
Hand Cast Stone - CAN HANG OR STAND


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