The Unofficial Hogwarts Cocktail Book


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Celebrate your love for Hogwarts and its characters by dusting off your potions cauldron (or cocktail shaker) and conjuring up a host of magical cocktails! Raise a toast in wizarding world style with cocktails including:

Good Old-Fashioned Liquid Luck
Valentine's Love Potion
Spiked Pumpkin Juice
Butterscotch Beer
Nearly Headless Negroni
And many more!

Practice your art of potions making in a coupe, tumbler, or highball glass with The Unofficial Hogwarts Cocktail Book—an ideal gift for any Potterhead. With 50 delicious drink recipes and spellbinding, full-color photographs, the muggles in your life are sure to be stupefied. Bottoms up!


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